Women Need Women

I received products from Coca-Cola's 5by20 program; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I'm incredibly passionate about empowering women to accomplish whatever they set their minds to. Unfortunately, there are women throughout the world who, no matter how big their dreams, are limited by their circumstances. Whether they lack resources, skills, or opportunities, they are unable to provide for themselves or their families. This is where Coca-Cola's 5by20 initiative comes in.

Coca-Cola saw the need for female entrepreneurs in developing nations to receive the tools and training they need to lift themselves out of poverty. With the 5by20 initiative, women are turning Coca-Cola packaging into decor and accessories sold at the 5by20 shop.

The PCF Narrow Ring-Pull Bracelet was created in the Philippines from locally sourced recycled aluminum ring-pulls and elasticized thread. It hard of the metal coordinates well with the delicate of the Coletivo Piraquet Handbag. Created in Brazil, its inspired by the scales of the ancient Pirarucu fish found in the rivers and lakes of the Amazon. Recycled PET "scales" are hand-sewn onto mesh for this delicate purse.

This Classic Flower was made by an entrepreneurial woman in Mexico.

The cop(m)adam Bottle Cap Purse from Turkey makes a statement.

This may be my favorite item I received. It's an Acacia Creations Soda Can Giraffe from Kenya. It's made with recycled aluminum cans and bound with recycled telephone wire.


The materials used to make these items would typically be considered garbage. Thankfully, there are women in developing nations that are creative enough to see its potential. Just as they see more in the materials, Coca-Cola saw the potential in women throughout the world to grow their businesses, families, and communities. Watch the "Chain of Inspiration" here.

The program has the goal to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020. Thus, the 5by20 Initiative. Why women? Well, we're more likely to reinvest our income to our children and families through food, education and healthcare. When women rise, our communities rise.

So ladies, let's support each other, not just in business, but in day-to-day life. We'll reap the benefits and so will society.

Attitude of Gratitude — Free Print

On occasion I can be a bit of a Negative Nellie. When I let jealousy creep in, it's easy to forget just how blessed I really am. But once November rolls around, I'm surrounded by people counting their blessings. It motivates me to count my own. I decided to create a physical reminder for my home to have an "attitude of gratitude."

Here are the top 3 on my list of blessings…

  1. A Father in Heaven who knows and loves me. Who I can turn to whenever I need help.
  2. My supportive husband and children who may see me at my worst, but love me regardless.
  3. Friends that inspire and motivate me to be a better person.

If you'd like your own reminders of gratitude, I'm sharing these 8x10 prints with you. Just click on the image below for the link to your preferred color choice.

Girls Getaway at Universal Studios

A HUGE thanks to Visit Anaheim for the opportunity to visit Universal Studios Hollywood. It was amazing!

As much as I love taking my children to theme parks and living vicariously through their wide eyes, there's something about visiting one with just your friends. No worries if anyone is going to get scared on a ride. You can split up without fear of someone getting lost. Plus, you're just paying for you instead of adding in the whole fam. So here's a snippet of my girls getaway at Universal Studios Hollywood!

I joined my friends and fellow bloggers Jana, Summer, and Ashlee for a fun-filled week that topped off at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studios Bloggers.jpg

We had less than one day to see everything and jumped right in. We went for the newest rides and first one on our list? Fast & Furious – Supercharged!

It's a part of the Studio Tour that is no longer a live show, but a crazy 3D interactive adventure! You really feel like you're racing along with Dom and the gang with 360-degree HD screens. Trust me, even if you've been on the tour before, you're going to want to go again just to experience the adventure.

Next on our list was Despicable Me Minion Mayhem.

This is another 3D ride that turns you into an actual minion! You're there to be trained but in usual Gru fashion, not everything goes as planned…

The line for this one had my favorite artwork in the park — Minion recruitment posters!

Despicable Me was everywhere in the park from the tickets to the actual characters.

Oh, hey there Gru!

I even found my minion doppelgänger, Bob! (It's the two different-colored eye thing.)

I HIGHLY recommend hitting up Universal Studios Hollywood during September and October when they're decked out for the spookiest Halloween you've seen!

You get up close and sometimes too personal with the special effects makeup and prop skills skills that Universal Studios is known for. Just ask soon-to-be headless Jana!

The detail of everything just blew my mind. But I was glad to be there with my friends instead of my kids because I know they would have had nightmares!

Just writing this post got me all nostalgic. I'm thinking another girls weekend needs to happen soon. Where would you go with just the girls?