Eyebrows — The Bra for your Face

Within these past few years I've learned how important it is do my eyebrows, yet it has become the most loathsome component of my makeup routine. I hate trying to figure out what brow shape works best for my facial structure, what shade I should fill my brows in with, how thick I should make 'em, trying to get the brows to look like sistahs and not twins, etc. And the plucking! Oh how I hate the plucking! Early in my youth I made the decision to take a razor in between my brows to prevent the sisters from joining together and my brows have been suffering ever since. Sorry girls. 

That was me a few years ago with awkwardly plucked eyebrows. Yikes. I've been needing a professional and stat. 

And then came Kelly to the rescue. Jill challenged me to not pluck my eyebrows for about 4 weeks and that was the hardest thing ever! We made an appointment with Kelly at the Anastasia Studio at Nordstrom. My eyebrows had started to resemble werewolf cubs, growling at anybody who came near and Kelly helped tame those puppies.

She's so precise, figuring out the best eyebrow shape for your bone structure and the best color to fill those brows in according to your skin tones. She measured, waxed, tweezed, lotioned, massaged, and filled in those furry bad boys.

I feel like a new, confident, (and super relaxed) woman. I'm so glad to not have growling werewolf babies on my face. The shape and color work splendidly with my face structure and skin tone. My eyebrows are, dare I say, on fleek.

I even stole a pic of Mama Spiffy getting her eyebrows worked on. It's amazing how much her eyebrow color matches her hair color.

Friends, I just want to tell you how important well-groomed eyebrows are. They really are like a bra for your face. They add lift and frame the face, separate your eyes, can make your eyes look bigger, and add that extra oomph.

Thanks so much to Kelly for rescuing my eyebrows!

If you live in Utah and want Kelly to work her magic on you, she's generously offered $5 OFF an eyebrow service! Click on the image below to download and print the coupon. But hurry! It expires at the end of May.

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Pallet Arrow Wall Decor

I've been meaning to jump on the reclaimed pallet wood bandwagon for a while now, but haven't known which project to make. When I saw these wood arrows from Cherished Bliss, I knew that was the project for me. So I pulled out my pallets from storage and got to work to decorate a neglected wall in my bedroom.

This project is simple and quick. Once your pallet is taken apart, you can have three decorated arrows in a little over an hour!

Supply List

Measure the pallet wood to your desired width. Mine are 15 inches, but yours may be larger or smaller, depending on where you'll hang them. Adjust your miter saw to cut at a 45-degree angle. Cut 12 pieces at your desired width.


    Decide which side of the boards will face up. Some pallets are rougher than others. Because we're gluing paper to the surface, choose the smoothest side.

    Cut your decorative paper to cover the size of your boards. With your foam brush, spread Mod Podge across the top of each board, covering them with the paper. Press down and smooth out any bubbles.

    With a sander or sandpaper block, sand the edges of the board, separating the paper from the wood. Lightly sand the top of the board, distressing it as much or as little as you like.

    Once all of your boards are distressed, turn them over and line them up, forming an arrow shape. Screw in mending plates with a drill and #6 screws. Repeat this where each board meets.

    Add a sawtooth hanger to each arrow. If hanging them as I did, place at the top center. Turn over to double-check that everything is lined up. Then hang them up, spacing them out a few inches apart.

    I hung mine between the blank space above my desk. They fit perfectly between the window and the wall. Maybe I'll look up more often when I'm working. Where would you put these arrows in your home? Do you have a pallet that's waiting to be transformed?

    For 6 more ideas on repurposing a pallet, check out this post at Hazel & Ruby!

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    SNAP Conference Packing List

    Conferences creep up on bloggers like sponsored-post deadlines. Suddenly it's time to submit your post, but you're out of daylight and Mod Podge. Not this year, folks! I created a printable packing list just for my fellow SNAP-pers. Now all we have to worry about is fitting everything into our suitcases!

    Just click on the image above for the download link. Can't wait to see you at SNAP!

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    8 Steps to Being Spiffily Fit

    8 Simple Pointers for EVERY Body.

    First and foremost fitness, exercise, and health are going to look different to each person. Everyone has their own needs, body types, digestive systems, etc. Do what you can! As long as you are moving it counts in my book. Just make sure it's moving in the right direction. The following pointers should help you get started.


    1. DRINK WATER! This one comes first because it is most important! Just increasing your water intake can make a world of difference. You need water to keep your body running right! It's like the oil in an engine, without it the engine would grind to a halt. Water also flushes your system. It gets the crap out! The recommended 8 - 8 ounces glasses of water a day is sometimes harder than you think. Get a water bottle that can be taken where ever you go.  Preferably one that has ounces on the outside to help you keep track. Drink water.

    2. Have a plan. No matter how basic the plan, have one. Write it down, put an alarm in your phone (with a smiley face). Starting out can be as simple as 5 jumping jacks before breakfast, taking the stairs/walking anytime there is an option, or drinking more water. Refer to number one.

    3. Find a buddy! When you are getting fit someone needs to hold you accountable to the plan. I use my mom because no one can make you feel quite so guilty and quite so motivated to be better at the same time. You could also use a tracking device. Lose It is a free app I like that includes all the things you need. Live buddies are best because you can get feedback, reinforcement, and encouragement. A buddy who understands your needs, who is not going to compete with you, and someone you can have fun with too!

    4. Do what you love. If you aren't having fun you aren't going to stick with it. Personally I hate running; especially on the treadmill! It works for some, but not for me. Dancing is my go to work out. It’s what I love! More often than not I use Wii Just Dance. Adult ballet class, Zumba, Hot Hula, all that bring variety to keep the motivation coming. Which brings us to #5.

    5. Switch it up! No workout will be successful if you do the same things for each workout. Eventually your body will plateau. You'll stop losing weight or even start gaining weight again.

    6. Challenge yourself. Add one more push up, walk one more block, one more, two more, soon will become 10 more than your original work out. 

    7. Eat better. My aunt (a nurse) said to me once, "Going on a diet is a dumb phrase. If you are eating anything you're on a diet." I don't believe in going to extremes. Cut out one snack or switch it for a fruit or a veggie. Fresh is best, frozen comes in second, then dried. That being said; if you want a cupcake eat a cupcake; just don't have five (or a dozen). ;) Easy ways to help with this will come in a later post in the foods section.


    8. IGNORE THE SCALE!!!It’s just a number! You are going to fluctuate. It’s completely normal to fluctuated 5-7 lbs in a day; depending on water intake, muscle, clothes, and bowel movements. That’s right I said it. If you poop more in one day than another you will weigh less. It’s just a number.

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    Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Checklist Download

    A huge thanks to Acorn for sponsoring this #SmellsClean post and providing the fabulous air care. They keep my home smelling so fresh and so clean, clean!

    It's that time of year again. Time to open the windows and change out the stale Winter air for the fresh scent of Spring. But just airing out my home isn't going to be enough after months of neglecting the dust bunnies, so I created a printable Spring Cleaning Checklist to motivate me.

    Each job is organized by the time it should take to accomplish. That way if you only have 15 minutes to tackle a task, you can check that column for a quick job. When you have a free morning, choose something from the 1+ hours list like waxing your floors or cleaning the inside of your refrigerator.

    To reward myself, use my new Spring scents. (You can find them in the air care aisle at Wal-Mart.) Now every time I finish a task, I light a candle or plug in my wax warmer. It's a way to have my home smell even cleaner than it looks!

    To download and print a copy for yourself, click HERE or on the image below. Hopefully this checklist will keep you from getting overwhelmed with cleaning your entire home for Spring. Just take it one job at a time!

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    Pieced Paper Easter Egg

    I would love to decorate more for seasons and holidays, but I just don't have room to store the decor when it's off season. I've found some frames sitting around and realized filling them with gorgeous paper would be the perfect space-saving way decorate for Spring and Easter.

    Easter Egg Art Supplies


    Start by trimming the gray polka dot tissue paper to fit your frame as a background. For tips, see my how-to on Hazel & Ruby's blog.

    Cut the patterned paper down to a size that will fit in your paper cutter. Then trim each pattern into varying sizes of strips.

    You'll be left with a pile of colorful paper curls.

    On one of your sheets of cardstock, place strips of double-sided tape in vertical columns.

    Arrange the strips of patterned paper horizontally over the tape, varying the patterns.

    Place the printed Easter egg template over the cardstock, centering it where you'd like the patterned paper to be. To view the patterns easier through the template page, hold everything up to a window.

    Once you like the placement, hold the papers together (or tape them) and cut out all layers at once along the Easter egg template.

    Adhere the egg to the center of the polka dot tissue paper you've already cut out. If you want to keep the background paper separate to change out the Easter egg for other seasonal decor, center the egg in the frame first, then lay the background behind it. The frame will keep the egg in place.

    Put your second piece of cardstock behind the background tissue paper so nothing shows through. Replace the back of the frame and display your new seasonal art!

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