Photo by  Bax Miller .

Photo by Bax Miller.

At Pinners Conference teaching how to throw a party with IKEA.

At Pinners Conference teaching how to throw a party with IKEA.


I'm Jill Swensen and I'm happy to have you in my little online home. (it's much cleaner than my actual home.)

I consider myself a "Jill of all trades." Beauty and baking, creating and entertaining. My interests are so varied that, on occasion, my blog has multiple personalities. But when something tickles my fancy, I just have to share it with all of you on Being Spiffy!

So you could get to know me a bit better, I asked some friends what questions I should answer on my About page. Here's what they asked.

1. Who inspires you most?

My parents, both for different reasons. My mother because she's extremely humble and gives the best advice. My father because he tells it like it is, but with love.

2. You used to have long hair then cut it all off. Why?

Let's just say I get bored easily. I felt like I had done everything possible to my "mermaid hair" but dye it blue, so I thought, "What the hey, I'll chop it off!" I thought it was high time I had a pixie.

3. Is "spiffy" a part of your regular vocabulary?

Not really, just because I type it all the time. But I do enjoy using old-timey words like skosh (a small amount), bippy (buttocks), and rag-a-muffin (dirty person).

4. Do you have any single nieces?

As a matter of fact, I do! Five to be exact. And two single nephews. If you want to make a love connection, I'll be happy to vett all possible candidates.

5. What is your favorite post?

Hmm…probably How to Set Goals and Achieve Them. It's something I'm passionate about. But the one I enjoyed writing the most was 5 Reasons You Should NEVER Drive a Honda Odyssey. It won me a month-long test drive!

6. How can I be awesome like you?

The real question is, how can I be awesome like YOU!

7. What is your most embarrassing moment?

When I was in college, my friend and her roommates went to a haunted corn maze. We had to take a hay ride there and back. On the way back, I sat on my friend's lap since the wagon was almost full. I thought it was strange that I could see my friend so well while sitting on her lap. But it wasn't until I heard a distinctly male chuckle behind me that I realized I was only half of me was sitting on my friend's lap. The other half was sitting on a random guy who was on a date. Yup, I'm pretty observant.


Alyssa Caldwell – fashion & beauty

What's up?? I'm Alyssa and I'm a mom who enjoys the finer things in life…like naps and superhero movies. I find my family to be fantastic too.

Jill made me answer some crazy questions so you can get to know me better.

1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

The Shire in Middle Earth. The Shire promotes peaceful living and a laid back atmosphere. That sounds like my kinda town.

2. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would have to be shrimp. Those prawns dipped in cocktail sauce always delight me so!

3. Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island?

The delicious Tom Hiddleston. (Hey, it's just a question, right?) He's just so Britishly handsome.


Christin Saling – food & fitness

1. If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

It depends, one thing all day, every day for the rest of my life? Would I be getting paid to do this? Girl's got to make a living. I think laugh. I would laugh hard and long and loud.

2. What makes you laugh the most?

Usually, *cough, cough* dirty jokes *cough, cough*, or when my kids do something crazy!

3. Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island?

Obviously Jesus! He could heal me if I were sick, blind, wounded, etc. We'd have really deep conversations about the meaning of life. And, of course, he could create other people when he got bored with me. ;)