20-Minute Stencil Art

I love clean, graphic art. But I'm picky and cheap. So…I make my own! But since I can barely draw a proportionate stick figure, I use stencils to create my artwork. Not '90s stencils of apples and gingham in my kitchen. Modern, graphic stencils.

See, stencils are speedy. Unless you're doing an entire wall, in which case, more power to you.

I wanted to make some Christmas-y art, so I chose the Starry Moroccan Night Christmas Stencil from Royal Design Studio. Here's the how-to.

Start with a thick, quality paper. I used smooth Bristol Strathmore paper. With painters tape, adhere your paper to a smooth surface. If you plan on painting all the way to the edge, put something under your paper so no paint gets on your table or wall. So, basically, ignore what I did.

If your stencil needs to be centered, measure to find the center of your paper before taping your stencil down. Try to get it as smooth as possible to avoid getting paint under the stencil.

Start with a sturdy stencil brush and some awesome paint. I wanted some shine on my wall, so I chose a metallic paint. This color is Gold Rush from Modern Masters.

One HUGELY important step when stenciling? Unload. Your. Brush. It won't take near as much paint as you think, so wipe your brush off on something clean and absorbent each time you dip it in the paint.

On to the fun part. Paint! I like to swirl my brush around to avoid pushing extra paint under the stencil. Continue layering on the paint until you have the coverage you like.

Peel that stencil on up.

Bam! Almost-instant art.

I'm excited already!

Let's see how it looks on the wall, shall we?

Swoon. I love how the light catches the metallic paint!

But it looked too lonely on it's own, so I grabbed another stencil I had on hand from the same company that looked rather festive.


I think the Sage paint goes rather nicely with the gold, don't you?

I didn't want to put the metallic behind glass, so I chose my temporary adhesive of choice, cranberry chevron washi tape, to adhere them to the wall.

This art is so easy, it only took 20 minutes to make all three pieces. I have all this time left, maybe I should make something else…

Thank you, Royal Design Studio, for providing me with fab stencils to create with!