4 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

This utterly amazing post is brought to you by the equally amazing Hewlett Packard. As always, the writing and opinions I share are mine all mine.

I love clothes. Who doesn't? But since I have an husband and three children I have to dress, shopping for me has gotten a bit trickier. I like items that I can wear multiple ways to create different looks depending on my mood. Saves money and space in my closet! One of my new favorite pieces is the blanket scarf. If I'm going to multitask, so should my clothes! So I grabbed my friend and my HP x360 and we headed out to my favorite cafe. She took the pics while I worked. See? Multitasking!

What's a blanket scarf, you ask? Basically, it's a shawl that is cut halfway through so it will fit over your shoulders. For me, it's much more functional and it stays put more than a regular shawl.

Standard way of wearing a blanket scarf? Throw it on and go. I prefer wearing it with a long-sleeved shirt. It's super cozy, but doesn't get too warm when I have my laptop on my lap. But if you happen to have a springy, lightweight scarf, feel free to chill out and shorten those sleeves.

Want a fancier look? Throw one of the panels over your shoulder. Just that little adjustment elevates the scarf to a sophisticated level. And it helps if you don't want the panels in your way when working on a tablet or other device.

When you want a blanket scarf to stay put and have it feel more like a coat/jacket, overlap the panels and add a pin/brooch. Perfect for heading out in the breeze or sipping your favorite drink. I happened to be watching a video in this pic. Gotta love that the HP x360 can sit tent-style!

Last, but not least, wear it belted. Overlap the the panels, pair it with a skinny belt, and it creates a whole new look. Cinching it in creates a kimono sleeve and makes it look more like a top than an accessory. Wearing it with a belt definitely brings the blanket scarf to a whole new level.

In case you couldn't tell, the HP x360 is just as versatile as a blanket scarf. It has four modes — laptop, tablet, tent, and stand. You've heard of a 2-fer. It's a 4-fer!

Since you can bend the laptop all the way back into a tablet, HP is "bending the rules" (see what I did there?) by going on the road with Meghan Trainor for her All About That Bass tour. They'll be sharing behind-the-scenes episodes with hair, makeup, choreography and more.

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Which is your favorite way to wear a blanket scarf? Which mode would you use the HP x360 in the most? Comment below and let me know!