8 Steps to Being Spiffily Fit

8 Simple Pointers for EVERY Body.

First and foremost fitness, exercise, and health are going to look different to each person. Everyone has their own needs, body types, digestive systems, etc. Do what you can! As long as you are moving it counts in my book. Just make sure it's moving in the right direction. The following pointers should help you get started.


1. DRINK WATER! This one comes first because it is most important! Just increasing your water intake can make a world of difference. You need water to keep your body running right! It's like the oil in an engine, without it the engine would grind to a halt. Water also flushes your system. It gets the crap out! The recommended 8 - 8 ounces glasses of water a day is sometimes harder than you think. Get a water bottle that can be taken where ever you go.  Preferably one that has ounces on the outside to help you keep track. Drink water.

2. Have a plan. No matter how basic the plan, have one. Write it down, put an alarm in your phone (with a smiley face). Starting out can be as simple as 5 jumping jacks before breakfast, taking the stairs/walking anytime there is an option, or drinking more water. Refer to number one.

3. Find a buddy! When you are getting fit someone needs to hold you accountable to the plan. I use my mom because no one can make you feel quite so guilty and quite so motivated to be better at the same time. You could also use a tracking device. Lose It is a free app I like that includes all the things you need. Live buddies are best because you can get feedback, reinforcement, and encouragement. A buddy who understands your needs, who is not going to compete with you, and someone you can have fun with too!

4. Do what you love. If you aren't having fun you aren't going to stick with it. Personally I hate running; especially on the treadmill! It works for some, but not for me. Dancing is my go to work out. It’s what I love! More often than not I use Wii Just Dance. Adult ballet class, Zumba, Hot Hula, all that bring variety to keep the motivation coming. Which brings us to #5.

5. Switch it up! No workout will be successful if you do the same things for each workout. Eventually your body will plateau. You'll stop losing weight or even start gaining weight again.

6. Challenge yourself. Add one more push up, walk one more block, one more, two more, soon will become 10 more than your original work out. 

7. Eat better. My aunt (a nurse) said to me once, "Going on a diet is a dumb phrase. If you are eating anything you're on a diet." I don't believe in going to extremes. Cut out one snack or switch it for a fruit or a veggie. Fresh is best, frozen comes in second, then dried. That being said; if you want a cupcake eat a cupcake; just don't have five (or a dozen). ;) Easy ways to help with this will come in a later post in the foods section.


8. IGNORE THE SCALE!!!It’s just a number! You are going to fluctuate. It’s completely normal to fluctuated 5-7 lbs in a day; depending on water intake, muscle, clothes, and bowel movements. That’s right I said it. If you poop more in one day than another you will weigh less. It’s just a number.