Bring Back Mail

Each day when I get the mail, my kids immediately ask, "Is there anything for me?" I used to give them the junk mail, but that doesn't work as well since my daughter can read. "My name isn't current resident!" Aw, nuts.

I'm not going to lie, though. Each day I secretly hope there is something there for me too. Not a bill, not an ad, but something handwritten. An envelope with an actual stamp and not metered postage. Why am I so enamored with getting an actual letter?

It may come down to my Love Language. The way I receive love is through acts of service and, strangely enough, I view writing and sending mail as one. Probably because it takes time, thought, and effort. It's so easy to get on the computer and shoot an email out or get on your phone and text. But actually putting pen to paper and sending out a part of you means so much more.

When my grandmother died, I helped my family go through her belongings. I'll never forget opening a drawer full of cards she'd been given throughout the years. I was 11 and can still remember finding a card in there that I had given her years earlier. My messy, childish signature written inside.

I vote we bring back the handwritten word. The next time you go to the post office and they ask if you need stamps, say yes! Choose the most lovely, the most fun, the most personal stamps you can and USE them. I'll even help you get started.

These gorgeous cards are by Alexis Mattox Design. Each is made from laser-cut 1/8" cherry wood. If I received one in the mail, I'd wonder why the heck someone loved me that much to send a card like this!

Alexis also creates stationary, letterpress, even cake toppers. Anything and everything to make someone feel special.