China Glaze Magnetix Review

I first ran across magnetic nail polish at Sephora and tried it on my niece. It didn't work. So I was less than enthused when I saw the China Glaze Magnetix display a month later at another location. The workers assured me, however, that it really did work and should give it a shot.


A big thanks to my niece for being my guinea pig…again!


I started with a base coat of Cling On. The application is really smooth and as a stand-alone polish, would work with just two coats.


Isn't this a pretty avocado green?


The magnet comes with three designs: chevron, star and diagonal lines. I tried out all three to see how they looked on the nail.


Working on one nail at a time, I added another coat of polish. Immediately after, I placed the magnet above the nail, making sure I wasn't too close. The magnet helps with this. There is a ridge above each of the magnets to set against your finger. Still be cautious. If your second coat of polish is too thick, the magnet will pick it right up off your nail!


Here are my opinions on each design…

The star is really cool and versatile. Changing where you hold the magnet changes the entire design.

The diagonal lines create a really neat effect. To get the lines to reach clear across the nail, however, you have to move the magnet. Too slow and the polish will dry before the design is made. Too fast and the design doesn't have time to come out.

The chevron pattern is lame. Lame, lame, lame! As you can see, it just looks a little jagged like I messed up. I wouldn't even bother with it.

I let my niece decide her favorite design and she chose the diagonal lines. So here's the finished look!


I couldn't help but do an accent nail on her ring finger. (It's an addiction.) I love how the star adds some interest, but doesn't detract from the unique effect on the other nails.

Here's a closer look at the accent nail.


I really love the Magnetix line. The polish alone is quality. Add the magnetic effects to it and you have nails people are sure to notice.

The Magnetix line comes in six colors. The magnet and polish retails for $10 each.