China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitters

I'm a sucker for glitter, so when I saw the China Glaze Chroma Glitters at the beauty supply, I was smitten.


China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitters

These are the shiniest things I've seen in a while! They have teeny, tiny little pieces of glitter that create an insane amount of sparkle as well as define the color of each individual polish. Couple that with the varying colors of larger glitter and it adds great dimension. The larger glitters are the same in each color—pink, green and silver.

As you can see, there are six Chroma Glitters. The photo above shows their intensity. The swatches below show what they look like in sunlight. In shadow, they're closer to the colors above. I used one coat on each swatch.


China Glaze Prismatic Swatches

  1. OPTICAL ILLUSION—This is one of my favorites. I think because it's rare to see a green glitter that doesn't look too Christmas-y.
  2. LIQUID CRYSTAL—Another favorite. It's not baby blue but it's not crazy bright either. I think it would go with almost anything.
  3. FULL SPECTRUM—I really liked how this looked in the bottle. It didn't translate as well on the nail, though. I was wishing the pink would have stood out more. It almost comes across as a neutral.
  4. RAY-DIANT—This one is kind of hard to define. It teeny sparkles are gold, but it doesn't really look gold on. It's kind of like Full Spectrum, where it's more of a neutral.
  5. PRISM—I gravitated toward this one since it was purple, but, like the previous two, it just didn't come across as well. You can tell it's purple when it's on, but it's very muted.
  6. POLARIZED—With all that silver sparkle, this is a favorite too. Plus the colored glitter makes it interesting.

This is a fun collection. If I had to choose only two to get, I'd go with Optical Illusion and Liquid Crystal.


Optical Illusion / Liquid CrystalThese two are the most unique. I really own nothing like them.

With all the polishes in this collection, I would use two coats. Especially with the lighter ones. Also, beware that every glitter polish (especially China Glaze) tends to peel and flake off within a day or two, even with a good topcoat. So if you're wanting the China Glaze Chroma Glitters to last, I'd use them on your toes instead of your hands. You'll get more wear out of them.