Easing Road Trip Travels

We live at least an hour away from any family members, which means our kids are no strangers to travel. Because they're so dependent on electronics, they don't know what to do when they're in the car without wifi. I'm all about forcing children into creativity through boredom, just not when I'm stuck in a confined space with them for hours. So this summer, I'm using some brilliant downloads created by BYUTV's Relative Race to ease tension of travel.


Since our trips revolve around family, it's only fitting that the activities are all about recording memories and getting to know each other better. Each family member gets their own set of worksheets to capture new experiences and write down old ones.

My favorite fun section is Part 8: Animals. You can check off how many cows, horses, sheep, dogs, and other animals you see. Another page has you replace your road trip companions with animals, drawing how each one would look. Get ready to laugh at your illustrated self as a giraffe or a badger!


The heartfelt pages of Part 10: Reflections will have you thinking not only of your personal journey, but of those that have traveled before you. Family members are asked to share the story of an ancestor who overcame a challenge. Even though travelling with my kids can be challenging, it's nothing compared to what grandparents, great-grandparents, and others have been through. It's because of them that I have a family to travel with, family to go visit, and a reason to connect with the world around me.


The second download are conversation cards. Relive the past and learn more about each other by sharing a funny story about a family pet you had growing up or describing a place that has special meaning for you. Use the answers to the prompts to create vacation plans for the future!

Click the link below to download the worksheets for your next family road trip.