Easy (yummy-smelling) Hostess Gift

Each year we visit family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And, each year, I'm a lame guest and never bring a "thank you" gift. But not this year! This year I came up with an easy hostess gift as a small token of thanks.

During a last-minute trip to the store before our trip, I picked up a little gift bag, some curling ribbon, a cute ornament and, my favorite, a yummy-smelling candle. I figured that having a few extra people in the house creates a few extra unpleasant smells. What could be better to restore your house to order than a holiday scent?

I chose "Merry Citrus Melody," but there are so many scents to choose from. That's the most difficult part of this gift! Just head down the air care section of the household cleaners aisle and you'll find all the holiday scents you could dream of. The whole aisle #SmellsClean!

Instead of using tissue paper, where I always have leftover I never use, I bought inexpensive curling ribbon, curled the entire roll, and used it to nestle the gifts in the bag. the white reminds me of snow and ice. Perfect for the holidays!

Do you give friends and family a thank-you gift when you stay over? Is this something you'd like to receive?

Acorn sponsored this post with all its fantastic holiday scents.