Everyday Heirloom Jewelry from Shane Co.

Pop Quiz! Please answer the following question.

(A) girls : dolls
(B) boys : cars
(C) women : jewelry
(D) dogs : bones
(E) all of the above

If you chose E, you're correct! But as far as this post goes, I'm only talking C. Women and jewelry are a natural fit and Shane Co. feels the same way.

I'm your typical woman. I'm attracted to sparkle and shine. But I'm also fond of frugality. My biggest problem shopping for jewelry is deciding on my investment. I don't want a frou frou piece that I can only wear on special occasions. I want an everyday classic that will last for years. And I think I found it.


This, my friends, is the Capri Necklace. It's exclusive to Shane Co and comes directly from Italy. Italy! Since I'll probably never get to go there, at least I could wear something from there, right?

What I love the most about it is the customization options. It would be completely personal. I could do my husband's and my monogram, my children's initials, a brief quote, it's really a blank slate.


All the jewelry I treasure belonged to my grandmothers. Even though they passed away many years ago, each item I have of theirs brings back beautiful memories. If I choose correctly, this could be an heirloom piece for my own daughter. I'd love to have something that could be passed down to her. Something she would connect with because it was warm and personal and reminded her of me.


Now you'll never have to ask what to get the women in your life for their birthdays. Or Christmas. Or as a thank you. Just hop on over to Shane Co. and look for the perfect, everyday heirloom piece.

Do you have a piece of jewelry you wear every day? How about family heirlooms? Do you wear them or keep them safely tucked away?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.