Exercise Your Mind

Well, this is where I admit to one of my flaws. I am forgetful. Not just a little bit. I forget nearly everything. Swimming Lessons for the kids, appointments, when I’m supposed to have a blog post up. And sometimes even what day of the week it is. I have forgotten to blog for nearly a month now and I’m disappointed in myself. So I did some research to see if this was something I was born with or if it was something I can fix.

You can fix it. Yes, it is practice and exercise. This exercise requires you to be engaged in having fun, sitting on the couch, soaking up some sun, waiting in the doctors' office, watching swimming lessons. Anytime! Anywhere! You get to PLAY GAMES! It only takes a few minutes a day. The key is consistency to keep your mind well trained. Because I’m forgetful already I require reminders. There's an APP for that! 

The app I’m using right now to get myself in shape is Fit Brains Trainer. Best thing: it’s FREE! 

Fit Brains Trainer (FBT) is something to love. FBT will customize your brain workout for whatever you seem to be cognitively struggling with. Problem solving, concentration, efficiency, and so on. Mine is specific for memory. It also sends you notifications (if wanted/needed) to remind you that you need your training. It tracks your progress and rates your reaction time and accuracy.

I’m excited to increase my memory! After all…