Eyebrows — The Bra for your Face

Within these past few years I've learned how important it is do my eyebrows, yet it has become the most loathsome component of my makeup routine. I hate trying to figure out what brow shape works best for my facial structure, what shade I should fill my brows in with, how thick I should make 'em, trying to get the brows to look like sistahs and not twins, etc. And the plucking! Oh how I hate the plucking! Early in my youth I made the decision to take a razor in between my brows to prevent the sisters from joining together and my brows have been suffering ever since. Sorry girls. 

That was me a few years ago with awkwardly plucked eyebrows. Yikes. I've been needing a professional and stat. 

And then came Kelly to the rescue. Jill challenged me to not pluck my eyebrows for about 4 weeks and that was the hardest thing ever! We made an appointment with Kelly at the Anastasia Studio at Nordstrom. My eyebrows had started to resemble werewolf cubs, growling at anybody who came near and Kelly helped tame those puppies.

She's so precise, figuring out the best eyebrow shape for your bone structure and the best color to fill those brows in according to your skin tones. She measured, waxed, tweezed, lotioned, massaged, and filled in those furry bad boys.

I feel like a new, confident, (and super relaxed) woman. I'm so glad to not have growling werewolf babies on my face. The shape and color work splendidly with my face structure and skin tone. My eyebrows are, dare I say, on fleek.

I even stole a pic of Mama Spiffy getting her eyebrows worked on. It's amazing how much her eyebrow color matches her hair color.

Friends, I just want to tell you how important well-groomed eyebrows are. They really are like a bra for your face. They add lift and frame the face, separate your eyes, can make your eyes look bigger, and add that extra oomph.

Thanks so much to Kelly for rescuing my eyebrows!

If you live in Utah and want Kelly to work her magic on you, she's generously offered $5 OFF an eyebrow service! Click on the image below to download and print the coupon. But hurry! It expires at the end of May.