Fall Doesn't Smell Like Bacon

We had breakfast for dinner last night. Bacon and eggs with tall glasses of milk. The downfall of such a delicious meal? The scent of bacon permeating every room in my home. Walk in the bathroom? Bacon. Open my closet? Bacon. When dinner is over, the odor of my favorite pork product ceases to be delicious and it must be replaced by something more nostril neutral.

Enter my favorite Fall scents. I feel like each season has it's own unique smell. Winter of pine and spiced oranges. Spring of new blooms. Summer of the beach. Fall? Mmm…Fall is my favorite. It includes things like pumpkin and maple, leather and fallen leaves. (Do fallen leaves even have a scent?) Basically anything roasted, toasted, and warm.


Isn't it funny that smells can induce such intense feelings? Scents that are warm make me want to put on a sweatshirt and beanie, head to a park, and kick leaves into the air. Then when it gets too chilly, stop by a coffee shop for a salted caramel coconut steamer for the walk home. Doesn't that sound divine?

If I could, I would share some of my favorite autumn scents with you. But since scratch-and-sniff computer tech hasn't been invented yet, I created 5x7 chalkboard art piece with a quote from Emily Bronte's poem, Fall, leaves, fall. "Every leaf speaks bliss to me fluttering from the autumn tree." Is

To download the print, click on the image above. A new window will open where you can save the image. Then print, frame, display, and think of me every time you see it. Well, maybe just think of Fall and how your house doesn't smell like bacon.

This post is sponsored by Acorn. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and feelings with you!