Favorite Target Finds of 2015

When we moved earlier this year, I had no idea how it would change my life to live within 5 miles of a Target. I'm there at least once a week and have found some items that I can't live without! Here are a few of my favs.

Cardiff Skates

When my daughter asked for roller skates for her birthday, I was hesitant to spend $60+ on something she would just outgrow. But Cardiff Skate solved that problem! They've created adjustable-size skates that grow along with your child.

They automatically adjust to the size of your shoes right when you step in them. So not only can my 10-year-old daughter wear them, I can too! (Not that I will, since I'm an uncoordinated goof.)

These skates are such a great investment for not only my daughter, but my sons too. They'll be able to use these same skates…if my daughter will ever let them.

You can find Cardiff Skates online at Target or in your local store.


For the longest time, we had a wire bath organizer hanging from the shower head. I don't care how powder-coated those things are, they rust and get disgusting. Plus I could never fit everything in it and our razors always fell off it. I was excited when my friend told me about MyShower accessories.

They make different size and shaped holders that suction to your shower wall. They can fit almost anything you need in your shower. Unless you have one of those industrial-sized gallon jugs of shampoo.

I was worried that it wouldn't hold my oversized body wash, but it hasn't fallen yet! Plus I can use them in my kids' shower, position them lower, and they can reach everything they need.

These can be ordered online here or in store as well.

Liz Lange Maternity Dresses

Okay, no bun in this oven, but that doesn't mean I can't wear maternity clothes! My favorite? This dress from Target by Liz Lange.

Why maternity? Well, when you're a bigger gal, you need what I call "forgiving structure." Items that have thick fabric, but with a lot of stretch. Or thinner fabric, but with excellent construction and seaming. This dress has both thick, stretchy fabric and ruching along the waistline. It's so forgiving! I love it so much, I bought it in two other colors.

Don't pass by the maternity section when you're clothes shopping. You never know what you'll find! You can find my dress online here.

Bubba Silicone Straws

I have so many water bottles that just sit in my cupboard because I've either lost the straws or they've gotten too gross to clean. I got tired of buying skinny disposable straws that didn't fit well. I picked up a set of Bubba silicone straws and haven't looked back!

I don't mind spending money on these straws since I don't intend on replacing them. Much less waste. You can't buy these online, but can find them in your local Target.

Do you like shopping at Target? What are your favorite finds?