Feeling Romantic With Max Studio

It's been great partnering with Leon Max for this romance-filled post!

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Constant dating is important in one's relationship and, while on a date, we women want to feel our absolute best. We want our other half to not be able to take their eyes off us. We want to feel empowered, sexy, sweet, and glamorous all at the same time. And what better way to do that than by dressing in Max Studio's stunning collections on your dates? Lucky for you, Max Studio’s Summer Sale is happening NOW with savings up to 50% off this Summer’s hottest styles!

What makes the brand different? In their own words…

Leon Max: The result of being designed in both Los Angeles and the English countryside is an inspired mix of Hollywood glamour and a laid-back sun drenched vibe with traditional British style and centuries of art history.

Max Studio: A sporty collection of work and weekend wear that finds its roots in the English Countryside and Hollywood Hills, and designed with a feminine sensibility, clean lines, and a keen eye for detail.

Here are some of my favorite Max Studio outfits for those courting activities.

Max Studio – Summer Sale

It's a fabulous day out and you and your beau are starved! Why not go to the city for a delicious brunch date? Sporting this ultra flattering and timeless A-line dress and hand burnished sandals will be sure to add some super sweetness to those blueberry muffins.

a cozy night in

Not really wanting to go anywhere except to the couch for some cuddling and some movies? Cozy up in this decadently soft dolman sleeve cardigan layered over a ruffled cami dress for some comfy cuddling!

summer sno-cones

A summer sweet treat is in order so throw on your linen flutter sleeved top and your crisp pleated trousers, grab your hand-burnished leather wooden wedge sandals, your gold frame aviators, (don't forget your sweetheart!) and head on over to your local sno-cone shack for some delicious shaved ice.

an evening at the opera

It's time for a night out on the town. A fancy dinner and a night at the opera is just the ticket for some classiness. This energetic cocktail dress paired with a stretch velvet evening jacket and some strappy high heeled sandals are just the ticket for you to add a seductive element to your look.

A trip to the gardens

It's time to check out the local botanical garden to see the blossoms in season. This watercolor silk chiffon flounce dress paired with sweet pink snakeskin strappy high heels will make your honey pay more attention to you than the florals.

So head on over to Max Studio for some more romantic and irresistible pieces that will make you feel like the feminine goddess that you are!

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