How I Doubled my Pinterest Followers in a Month

I try not to compare myself to others, but as a blogger, numbers are important. When someone has similar page views as me, I can't help but look at their social media stats to see how I measure up. When I realized how much I was falling behind on Pinterest, I made it my mission to up my numbers…and quick! Here's how I doubled my Pinterest followers in just 4 weeks.

When I decided to up my Pinterest game, I had 1600 followers. Could have been worse, but there was definitely room for improvement. Here's how I began.

Clean Up Your Boards

I started by going through each pin one by one. If it had a dead link, poor photography, or didn't represent my blog's message, away it went. Another clincher? If it had zero likes or re-pins. If those fit all my other criteria, I re-pinned them to a secret board so I could re-pin in the future.

I also condensed my boards. If they didn't have many pins, I figured out what other board they could work on and placed them there. I cut my boards in half this way. Unfortunately, I cut my followers down this way too. Some of them were only following a board I cut, so my followers shrank to under 1400. Ouch! But I knew it had to get worse before it got better.

Rename Your Boards

When I first named my boards, I gave them clever names like Caveman Cookin' and Polish Pretties. Though I thought they were witty, it didn't give people the best indication of what the board was really about. I simplified the names to Paleo Recipes, Nails, etc. Now people know exactly what's on there.

Sort Your Boards

Having your boards in some semblance of order creates flow. It will be easier for your followers to see how your they relate to each other. If they follow one board, they may look to the next coordinating board and follow it too.

Pin…a lot

The most important part to upping your Pinterest followers? Pinning 50+ times a day. After I cleaned up my boards, I wanted to get them all above 50 pins. I took one board each day and re-pinned quality content to that board. Once I reached that goal, I decided to get them all above 100 pins. Next goal? 150 pins per board. (I skipped some seasonal and holiday boards since pinning to them wouldn't be timely and people aren't searching them heavily right now.)

The key is consistency. Pinning a lot at a time in one topic gets more of your pins seen in searches. Hence, more re-pins. But, again, make sure you're pinning quality content with attractive pictures, and working links. I can't guarantee that your followers will double, but you will see an increase.

When I decided to pin 50+ times a week, was at 1810 followers. Here's the breakdown week by week…

  1. 2085 followers (275 new) = 13% increase
  2. 2385 followers (300 new) = 24% increase
  3. 2797 followers (412 new) = 35% increase
  4. 3373 followers (576 new) = 46% increase

I had a total increase of 1563 followers in 4 weeks. From the time I started the process, I went from 1600 to 3373…an increase of 53%!

I'm still not where I want to be in my Pinterest following, but I know how to get there! How do you get more followers on Pinterest?