Hunger Games Hair Amazes

I saw The Hunger Games twice this weekend and it did NOT disappoint! The Capitol was just as I imagined it. And the hair! The clothes! I cannot fathom dressing over 500 extras. Insane!

In an interview with Behind the Chair magazineCherry Petenbrink talked about being the haircolor designer for the film. Some interesting facts she shares from the film…

  • $30,000 of wigs were rented to test for Katniss' hair color since they wanted the perfect shade of brown on film.
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  • Stanley Tucci's wig was custom made and came in solid blue. Cherry had to add dimension to the color and was worried she would mess it up.
  • Her favorite look to create was Octavia, one of Katniss' stylists. Her style isn't described a lot in the books, so she just had fun with it and gave her magenta hair!
  • She only had 20 minutes to prep each extra.
  • 75-100 Capitol extras had their own hair colored for the film. All the rest wore wigs.