I Heart My Nail Art Party with Sally Hansen

Saturday I was able to host a Sally Hansen I Heart My Nail Art party for this post sponsored by Collective Bias®. My friends and I got together at my place for brunch and some fun girl time featuring plenty of Sally Hansen polish pretties.

I prepped for the party at Walgreens. They have an amazing selection of Sally Hansen products.


Not only is their selection good, so are their sales. While I was there, you could get the Xtreme, Salon Effects, Diamond, and Insta Dri polishes for $1 off! Here's a just sample of what I picked up.


Since the party was focused on street art, I made a totally authentic graffiti backdrop with crayons. Isn't that the medium of choice for all the cool taggers?


In case you couldn't tell, it says STREET NAIL. (I don't think I'll get anyone commissioning a graffiti mural from me anytime soon.)

We also had some fab food.


Bagels and cream cheese, waffle cups with scrambled eggs and prosciutto, and delicious ice cream.

My favoritest (I'm totally making that a word) part of brunch was the milk.


There was regular ol' chocolate and strawberry milks, but there was also mint chocolate, caramel chocolate, and root beer. Holy deliciousness!

Once we were sufficently stuffed, it was on to the nails!


I loved that everyone used different Sally Hansen colors in their nail art. My friends' nails turned out just as unique as they are!



Rachel's look was driven by the sparkle of Hard as Nails in 'Rockstar Pink' and 'In the Spotlight'. And, in case you couldn't tell, she really doesn't like to clean up her polish. ;)



This is about as "street" as she gets. But I love how she made the S look spray painted using the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in 'Turquoise'.



Alyssa is OBSESSED with nail polish and has quite the board devoted to it on Pinterest. That's where she got her inspiration for her zebra-stripe nail art.



Maribel has a seriously steady hand. She drew the thin stripes with the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in 'Chartreuse'.



Erin was channeling her inner New Yorker with her nails. Between her taxi cab thumb and street light ring finger, it makes me feel like taking a trip to Manhattan. (I'm taking donations.)



I totally forgot to have someone an individual shot of me! But I did get one of my nails. I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects real nail polish strips in 'Tri-Bal it On'. I colored in some of the lines with the chartreuse Nail Art Pen. I absolutely LOVE the effect! The strips were super easy to apply and the pen has such a fine tip that I was able to color in the thinnest of lines.

In fact, these were so fast to put on, I was done before everyone else. I couldn't let them have all the fun, so I took these off and painted some more!


I loved the colors Brianne chose, so I used 'Blue Me Away!' as a base coat. I knew I wanted a flame effect, but I was worried the chartreuse art pen wouldn't give me the shading I wanted. So I pushed the pen tip down on the table to get a pool of polish and used an inexpensive art brush apply it to my nail. I started with quite a bit at the base, then lightly dragged it up to the tip.

Since the flames looked a little blotchy, I added  'Invisible' polish to even them out.



Here's the whole gang showing off our newly painted nails.


I couldn't let these amazing ladies leave empty-handed, so I sent them home with some nail swag I also picked up at Walgreens.


We had a blast hanging out and channeling our inner Picasso. Can't you tell?