Lego Printable Valentine

When the week of February 14 rolls around, I either frantically look online for a printable from one of my blogging pals or run to the store for whatever is left that isn't lame. I decided to be a little more on the ball this year and create my own printable valentines! Feel free to pat me on the back the next time you see me.

My children are obsessed with all things Lego, so I designed the ultimate expression of adoration. You know you're truly in love with someone when you would walk across a floor of Legos for them. I've done it for my own kids!

Feel free to print these valentines in primary colors and Lego Friends colors. Want to up the ante? Purchase a Lego brick mold to melt crayons in. Then share your craftiness with your children and their friends. It will be a "make their parents' jealous" moment, I'm sure.



Download and print in color on heavy cardstock for the best result.

Who would you walk across a floor of Lego bricks for?