Letter from a 10-Year-Old Girl

I know I haven’t acomplished a lot this year. I know that I might not be that special. But every one else in the class is. You might have something in you that might make you special. Well, okay, I might be pretty special. I might be a favorite character in a book or two*, I might be the one person in my family who cheers everyone up. I might be my family’s #1 artist of all time. I might have made a few differences to people’s lives. But if you beleive, trust, and look at yourself a little more, you can acomplish way more that you ever did before. But it might take a little time, since I haven’t figured it out yet. But I bet you can. I have learned so much through so many exsamples. Teachers, students, family, freinds, strangers! But when you figure it out, you can make a big difference.

I was cleaning out my daughter's room yesterday and found this letter she wrote to herself and to the world. I had to fight back the tears so they wouldn't land on the paper and smear the ink. I was overwhelmed because those words helped me see a part of my daughter I didn't know existed.

Knowing where a person's value comes can teach you a lot about them. I've been trying to help her recognize her worth doesn't come from her peers, yet how often do I find myself asking, "Why did my friends do this without me?" or "I wish I was as smart (funny, skinny, pretty, etc.) as so-and-so."

So let's help each other out and take advice from a 10-yr-old. Let's believe, trust, and look at ourselves a little more. Let's learn from our family, friends, and strangers instead of compare or compete with them. Let's figure out what makes us special and, like my daughter, I know we'll make a big difference.

*No joke, she really is a character in the Sapphire Flute series.