Luxe for Less – Stacked Bracelets

Roll up your sleeves. We have bracelets to show off!


Stacked bracelets are all over the magazines and in stores. But when you're buying entire sets, it can get pricy. Here are some awesome options for the cost-conscious gal.


Sequin's Small Enamal Hinged Bangles on the left are a fun, Spring-y option from Nordstrom. But at $25 PER BRACELET, it doesn't really compare to the Lacquered Bangle Set at Forever 21. Their price comes out to $1.26 per bracelet. That's a steal!


Nordstrom's 'Santori' Station Bangles includes a set of three while Forever 21's Opaque Circles Bangle Set comes with five. That makes the cheaper option $1.16 per bracelet!


Last, but not least, we have the Tasha Bangles set of 36 from Nordstrom. This is, by far, the best "high-priced" option. But yet again, Forever 21 has them beat with their Thin Bangle Set of 30. They come out to…wait for it…$.22 per bracelet!

Whether you're a fashionista or frugalista, anyone can get on the stacked bracelet bandwagon with prices like these!

What do you choose to splurge on? What's the best steal you've gotten? Let me know in the comments!