Marshmallow Shootout with Free Printable

We're visiting my parents this week and I am pumped to cross something off my bucket list. I'm going to learn to shoot a gun! I know, kind of a crazy thing to be excited about, right? I'm just trying to catch up with the rest of my family. My dad has taught my nieces to shoot but hasn't taught me. So I'm loading the rifle for a lesson in good old fashioned shootin'.

Since my kiddos are too little to shoot, I'm going to add another thing to my bucket list. Hold a western-themed marshmallow gun shoot-out with my kids! Here's what I'll need…


The guns and marshmallow ammo are a given. Even the s'mores are a perfect fit. But to complete the western theme, I needed a wanted poster. So I came up with one you can use for your own shootout. Meet The Marshmallow Marauder!

CLICK HERE to download the poster. It's an 11x17 and can be printed at almost any printing facility. Use an exacto knife to trim out the white-space from the poster so your little "villains" can play the part.

If you include this in your family's summer bucket list, be sure to let me know!