Milk & Cookies Party

In case you couldn't tell from my pancake post, I loveShirley J products. I was able to try four of their cookie mixes for a very special event…my daughter's baptism!


My daughter turned eight in March and, in our church, that's when they can be baptized. All our family came for the baptism so we needed to feed the clan! Enter milk and Shirley J cookies…


I can't imagine a simpler (or more delicious) spread!

Shirley J's cookie mixes couldn't be easier to use. You either add water, shortening, or butter and mix. That's it! I made the Classic Sugar Cookies, Coconutty Macaroons, Oatmeal Jumbles, and Soft Ginger Molasses Cookies.


The sugar cookies have a delicous crunchy outside with a chewy center. It's hard to find a good sugar cookie but these fit the bill.


Macaroons were the crowd favorite. I added cocoa to the mix to make them chocolatey. I also added chocolate chips to the oatmeal cookies. You can never have enough chocolate!

The ginger molasses cookies were the perfect mix of spice and sweet. Basically, all of Shirley J's mixes turned out some delicious cookies! Plus, by using their mixes I minimized time in the kitchen and maximized time with my family, which was the most important thing for me.