My Favorite Kitchen Lid by Charles Viancin

Putting away dinner leftovers is a chore. Not just because it means clearing the table, but also because I have to pair up containers and lids. Lids, in my house, are like socks in everyone elses. They disappear and I can never find their "mate." And we all know that plastic wrap doesn't stick to plastic containers worth a darn. So I was ecstatic when my mother introduced me to her newest find — Charles Viancin.


These lids are amazing. They're designed by, you guessed it, Charles Viancin. He's created silicone lids that, when set on a flat surface, "stick" to the edges to create a seal. They come in a few different sizes, including drink lids. These fit perfectly over my diet shake glass to keep bugs out when I'm outside watching my little guy play.


Not only to they keep your food fresh in the fridge, they're dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe too. And if you're doubting their sealing abilities, check out a pic I took with one of my heavier bowls and a large lily pad lid.


Yup, I'm lifting that 3-pound bowl by the Charles Viancin lid! I definitely don't recommend carrying your dishes by the lid, as they're not meant to be used like that. I just wanted to show you just how well they seal.

His collection is nature-inspired and all his products are beautiful. I can't wait to complete my lily pad collection and move on to his other kitchen gadgets. You can find a store that carries them HERE or on Amazon.

For full disclosure, I received product for this post. I, however, was the one that contacted them because I love their product so much!