My Kids Say the Darndest Things with NickMom

The other day I was browsing around as part of this sponsored post for Collective Bias® and discovered some hilarious quotes from kids. I think my own kids are pretty funny in their own right, so here is my own version of "Kids Say the Darndest Things."


Let's start with my oldest, shall we?


She has been quite the entertainer in our home. From the time she was little she was quick to laugh and make people laugh. The best times, though, have been when she wasn't trying to be funny.

4-yr-old: When boogers melt, they turn into snot.

4-yr-old: Oh crack! What the smell is that?

6-yr-old, while coloring a picture: I'm looking for the color peach-black.
Her older cousin: What's peach-black?
6-yr-old: You know the color when you close your eyes so, so tight and it's sooo peach-black?
Cousin: Oh, you mean pitch black?
6-yr-old: Oh…yeah. Someone told me it was peach-black.

8-yr-old: I pet a horse.
Me: Who's horse was it?
8-yr-old: It was a private property horse.

Yup, that one is full of personality. And her brother's no different.


The flour pic might make you think my middle child is a troublemaker. He's really not, but he does love jokes and his giggle is contagious. They're no NickMom quotes, but here are a few of my favorite quips.

4-yr-old: "Mom, there's a bum chick on me."
Me: "A bum chick? What's a bum chick?"
4-yr-old, pointing to his face: "It's on me."
Me: "On your face?"
4-yr-old: "Yeah, it's brown and small."
Me: "You mean a mole?"
4-yr-old: "Yeah. It's a mole.

4-yr-old: That's not sauce, that's pizza blood.

His older cousin: When's your birthday?
2-yr-old: I dunno…cupcake?

If these kiddos are any indication, their baby brother is going to be just as funny and silly as they are. I mean, look at this kid. Can't wait to hear him talk!


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