New Emoji Explained

My brain lately has been all emoji, all the time. Believe it or not, my most popular post on this blog is all about emoji meanings! Each time a new set of emoji is released, I get requests to update my original Emoji Defined post. Well, I finally caved and put together this all-encompassing post to explain what all the new (as of late 2018) smiley and people emoji mean.

emoji explained.png

Want to perfectly describe your mood? There’s a round yellow face for that! They’ve gone way beyond grinning and winking. Which emoji should you use in a text when you’ve had too much to drink? Try woozy. Want to express skepticism to your teenagers about their behavior? The raised eyebrow emoji is a good option. Check out other “smiley” emotions below! Click on each emoji picture to see the emoji meaning.

Smiley Emoji

Those were they typical “smiley” emoji, but what if you’re feeling impish or…feline? They’ve come up with ways for you to explain things as well. Not to mention the popular poop emoji! Check out the meaning of these emoji…

Random Smiley Emoji

If you can’t explain your thoughts or emotions through faces or cats, maybe body parts will help. What do all these hand positions mean? Find out those meanings and silhouettes below.

Body Part Emoji

If you’re wanting to refer to your grandmother in a text, why write an 11 letter word when you could just use the old woman emoji? Whenever I quote Zoolander, you know I’m using the merman emoji. Basically, any person or occupation you can think of may have an emoji to represent it, not to mention actions to match.

People & Action Emoji

If the single life isn’t for you, emoji represent relationships with couples and families. Men and women, men and men, women and women…all the people!

Relationship Emoji

At the very end of the Smileys and People section of emoji are the accessories. Hats, gloves, shoes, and…a ball of yarn. (Hey, who am I to judge?)

Accessory Emoji

Can you believe that these are just the first section of emoji? There are still animals and nature, food and drink, activity, travel and places, objects, symbols, and flags. Daaaaaang, that’s a lot of little images to describe our lives. More emoji explanation posts to come for all your emotional descriptive needs!