OPI Infinite Shine

I love to give myself manicures. It's a lot cheaper and a great way to unwind after putting the kids to bed and while watching a movie. I'm always on the lookout for really high quality nail polishes that won't break the bank and give me a durable finish. I definitely love me some OPI nail polishes. I find their collection full of sophisticated and chic shades. I decided to try out their Infinite Shine Line. This collection promises to give you a gel shine but without the light.

It's a 3-step process and they labeled the step number right on the bottle.  Sounds easy enough! 

After the usual nail polish prep, i.e. cuticle care, trimming, shaping, buffing, smoothing, and all that jazz, I applied one light coat of the base coat primer. So far so good.

Then it was time for the color! This cute pink color is aptly named, "Pretty Pink Perseveres." The formula is pretty opaque so you'd only need 2 light coats. 

Step 3 was my favorite part. The feeling of a top coat gliding onto your nails makes everything alright in the world. And in this case it was a gel-like gloss that made the pink insanely shiny!

Now sometimes I get cocky and think I totally know what I'm doing and don't bother reading the directions but you have to wait 2 minutes for step 2 to dry! Unfortunately, I experienced some bubbling on my nails because I rushed layering step 3 on.  And then after step 3 you need to wait a good 8 minutes before your nails are dry to the touch. With my usual Seche Vite top coat it takes seconds to dry. But Step 3 understandably needs a good few minutes to dry in order for the curing process to take place.

How long did this mani last? It lasted a week with minor chipping! My nails have been through some minor abuse this week such as vacation, mom duties, and some intense crafting. I feel like if I didn't put my poor mani through such trauma I think it would've lasted a lot longer with even less chipping. I would totally buy more and can't wait to try out more of their brilliant shades in this collection!