Pin Up Waves for Long Hair with Conair

Halloween is my favorite excuse to dress up, so as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I created these simple pin up waves using the Conair Curl Secret.


My hair is notoriously hard to curl, so I was anxious to try out the Curl Secret to create my pin up waves. This unique take on a curling iron did an amazing job of creating a long-lasting look. I've used it a few times since and it really does create uniform curls quickly. That's important when you have 3 children that demand a lot of my time.

See for yourself and create your own Pin Up Waves with my video tutorial. 


Step 1: Curl your hair with the Curl Secret curling tool. 

For more detail of how to use the Curl Secret, here's a video from Conair. 

Step 2: Brush out curls into waves.

Use a softer bristled brush brush. Avoid a paddle brush or one with hard plastic bristles. 

Step 3: Set waves with bobby pins. 

Allowing your waves to set in place will ensure a you get pin up waves .

Steps 4 & 5: Remove bobby pins and swoop hair to one side.


For a Veronica Lake look, cover one of your eyes with your hair. 

To recreate this look, or hundreds of others, grab your own Curl Secret. I bought mine at Walmart since it's only $99 there compared to $150 at and

For more inspiration, view Conair's Pinterest board.

Search for  #ConairCurl on social media for more amazing looks!

Search for  #ConairCurl on social media for more amazing looks!

If you'd like to see my shopping experience, view my Google+ album.