Prepare Your Baby to Walk

My baby is 9 months old and moves around like an army soldier. Since he hasn't crawled on his hands and knees yet, I was surprised when he started pulling himself up on anything and everything. I'm not ready for this step in his development! But since he won't stay a baby forever, I guess it's time to help him walk.


Since my baby isn't quite ready to run around yet, there are a few things I can do to help him develop balance and strength. 

Play While Sitting Up

Place toys in front or to the sides of him while he's sitting up. As he lunges for them, he'll gain strength.

Create an Obstacle Course

Put couch cushions and large stuffed animals around the room for him to crawl over. This helps practice mobility and balance.

Walk With Them

When he's ready, I'll start walking with him. With my other kids, I did what most parents do and held onto their hands while they walked in front of me. This go around, I have an option that helps them develop balance and is MUCH easier on my back.

Meet…The Juppy! 


The Juppy is a pretty amazing invention. Instead of bending over and having your child hold on to your fingers for stability, you stand upright and their arms are free help maintain their own balance.

Here's my friend and baby walkin' it old school. 


My poor friend's shoulders are all hunched over. Check out the difference when she walks with her baby in The Juppy baby walker.


It's super secure too. They're zipped and double-harnessed in, so there's no fear of them sliding out. Frankly, they're probably safer in there than they would be just holding my fingers. 


To get your own Juppy baby walker or to find out more, visit their website HERE. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


For full disclosure, I received a Juppy for reviewing purposes, but the thoughts and opinions I share here are all my own.