Priorities and Passions

I've been blogging for a while now. Eight years, to be exact. I started my previous blog to inspire and motivate women to be their best selves. To show on the outside the beauty that's on the inside. I was, and still am passionate about personal style, beauty and fashion. Because blogging wasn't super popular in 2005, I ended up transitioning into family blogging. Sharing updates on my kiddos and other adventures my family and friends might enjoy.

In January of 2012, I made the decision to return to my style roots and Being Spiffy was born.

After I learned to crochet, I ended up starting another blog to show my projects and patterns. But I soon became overwhelmed separating my life into two blogs. This Spring I made the decision to merge the two and made Being Spiffy my only media outlet.

It worked well at first, but now I find myself torn yet again. While I love knitting and crocheting, I've come to be known as the "crochet blogger." It's not a bad title, I just feel I'm more than that.

So in an effort to find my joy, I'll be paring down on the dishcloths. Don't worry! I'll still be creating them until the 52 weeks are complete, I just won't be doing a pattern a week. There are other things I'd like to create and other aspects of my life I'd like to share.

So stick with me for even more ways to make you, your home, and your family a little more spiffy!