Raising Children in a Frightening World

I am a mother of three. Children that I carried, brought into this world, and am responsible for. Raising children is a daunting task. I'm intimidated on a daily basis. More so when I look at the world in which we live. Things are socially acceptable that never would have been even just a few years ago. How can I teach these precious little ones to live in this world without being absorbed by it?


My job is to help them recognize their individual worth. They are each unique and special. Knowing who they are will help them care more about developing their talents and less about who their peers think they should be. Because they are individuals, I need to treat them as such. They aren't me. They aren't their father. They need to be themselves and not a smaller version of us. That makes it difficult for me to parent them. They don't have the same motivations as I do. And that's okay. I just need to listen more. Treat them as I would a peer—with respect and understanding.

I'm learning every day what it means to be a mother. Learning to listen more and "boss" less. Learning to allow them enough freedom to make mistakes, but not so much that they scar themselves for good. I often say that if my children make it to adulthood, it will be a miracle. Lucky for me, I see miracles every day that help me parent these three amazing kids.

But if, by chance, you come across me at my wit's end, will you be my miracle that day? Us parents need all the help we can get.