Modern Dreamcatcher DIY

I consider myself more J.Crew than hippie, so I pictured what a modern day dreamcatcher would look like. I recreated my own using brass and hot pink to match my daughter's room.

To create your own Modern Dreamcatcher, you'll need two macrame rings like these at Joann and a small amount of thin yarn. I used hot pink from the Lion Brand Bonbon "Celebrate" pack. I used 14-inch and 6-inch rings for this project.

Start by wrapping the yarn all the way around the larger of the two rings. When you get back up to the top, place the smaller ring against the larger and wrap the yarn around both rings to attach. Using a fabric or craft glue, I used this one by Aleene's, adhere the end of yarn to the back of the piece.

Wrap the yarn around the smaller of the two rings for a few inches, centering it on the bottom. When you get to the end, start wrapping the yarn around both rings, spacing it apart evenly. Trip the end and adhere to the back with the same glue.

This project is inexpensive, fast, and easy. Plus, it's great for us renters since it's so lightweight it can hang by a pin. I hope this dreamcatcher works for all my little girl's beautiful dreams!