Utah Fashion Week — Swimsuit Edition

When I think of Utah, I don't think "swimwear design." I figure most of those designers live in coastal areas, not mountain ranges. I was proven wrong at Utah Fashion Week when I attended the runway show of nine swimwear designers. I found some trends to look for in your own Summer looks!



feminine details

Ruffles add a ladylike detail to the simplest of swimsuits. They add volume in places that are lacking, so if you want to balance out your body to create an hourglass figure, wear ruffles on the smaller part to even out the larger part.

Horizontal ruching is my favorite secret for my post-mommy body. All those little little gathers hide a multitude of flaws. It's difficult to discern what is the fabric and what is a little extra chub.

Vertical ruching adds volume, particularly around the bust.

Peplums are a beautiful retro-inspired look that can add volume or hide flaws. Be careful on the placement. They're best for those without hips who want to balance out wider shoulders.

These sweet ruffles add just the right amount of femininity to add interest to the bottom with a more detailed top.


To show a little sex appeal without showing everything, consider sheer panels. They leave something to the imagination.

Cutouts show a little more, but still maintain modesty. You can choose to show a little or a lot of skin, depending on your mood.

If cutouts aren't your thing, try a deep, open neck kept together with laced ties. The same can be done on the sides or conceal a cutout with latticework.

Mixed Prints

By far, the most popular trend is mixed prints, particularly flowers and stripes. This combo isn't new, but some took it to a new level by adding ruffles, scallops, or using stripes of varying widths.

A couple suits broke the floral trend with geometric prints and polka dots.


Crochet, whether it's a main focus or a small detail, brings a vintage vibe to modern styles.


For an old-school Americana suit, look for a lower leg opening, higher waistbands, and a pointed cut to the cups. Red, white, and navy make these suits even more patriotic.

Bold Color

Don't be afraid of color! Take it back to '60s citron or '80s neon.

bright white

If you want an expensive look, go with white. It makes any swimsuit more formal.

What's your favorite Summer swimsuit trend? Which of these suits would you pick for your next vacation?

Road Trip Ready Vehicle Checklist

A huge thanks to Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser for sponsoring this post. Just remember, the advice I give is mine, all mine. #FueltheLove #CollectiveBias

'Tis the season to hit the road! Kids are out of school, three-day-weekends are plentiful, and the great outdoors is calling. Summer vacations usually involve a lengthy drive, but is your vehicle road trip ready?

There are 9 things to check off your safety list before heading out to your destination.

Check/Change Oil

If your motor oil is low or old, you risk the chance of damaging your engine. With your vehicle on a flat surface, pull out the dipstick, wipe it off, and reinsert it. Pull it out again and check the oil level. It should be close to full. If it's not, or if the oil is too dark, it's probably time for an oil change.

You can do this yourself or a professional can do it for you. Regardless of who does it, make sure you get the product that's right for your vehicle. I use Pennzoil High Milage Vehicle oil since both my car and van are over 75,000 miles. I'm partial to Pennzoil because it is designed to protect my engine so I can drive an extra 550 miles a year versus driving with a dirty engine. Hey, 550 miles is a good road trip!

Check/Top Off Antifreeze

I've passed many a person, pulled off the road, pouring water in their overheated vehicle. Let's avoid that, shall we? Take a peek under your hood and check your engine coolant level. If it's between LOW and FULL, you're good to go. If it's below LOW, have a professional check for leaks.

Check Battery for Leaks & Cracks

Make sure the box powering your car is damage-free. If you find corrosion, it's leaking acid and will need to be replaced. Bite the bullet. It's easier to buy a new battery than drive with vinegar and baking soda to clean the terminals when your car won't start. (Yes, my sister totally did that.)

Top Off Wiper Fluid

Driving through a bug-infested stretch or a dust storm is pretty par for the course on my road trips. But if I'm out of wiper fluid, an annoyance has become a hazard. You have to see to drive, so fill it up and you won't have to stop at a gas station just to clean your windshield.

Check/Replace Wipers

Once that wiper fluid is filled, run it through and check your wipers at the same time. Again, visibility is key and you don't want to be caught in a rainstorm with a streaky windshield. Replace those wipers, even if the forecast doesn't call for rain.

Check Lights

Have a family member or friend stand outside while you hit the breaks, turn on headlights, and signal for turns. I've been pulled over a few times not knowing I had a taillight or headlamp out. Don't risk getting a ticket on vacation!

Check Tire Pressure & Tread

Before you fill up with gas, take advantage of the station's air compressor and check the air. Look at the sticker on your door frame for the recommended tire pressure. For tread, use the "coin trick." Stick a penny in the tread of your tires. If the tread covers any part of Lincoln's head, there's still life in your tires. If the tread doesn't touch his head, it's time to replace them.

Check Spare Tire

Changing a tire is no bueno. It's not difficult, but it's annoying. Hopefully you won't have to do it on your trip if you've checked your pressure and tread. But just to be safe, at the same time you check your other tires, pull out the spare and check its tire pressure as well. If it's a full-size tire, the pressure will be the same as your others. If it's a donut, the recommended tire pressure should be on the whitewall.

Purchase/Update Emergency Kit

I'm mildly paranoid. I like to prepare for the worst. Having an emergency kit helps me not worry about the unexpected. Mine has jumper cables, a flashlight, flares, a small tool kit, and a first aid kit.

To dot your i's and cross your t's, I created a printable PDF of these safety reminders. CLICK HERE for the free download.

Last, but not least, here's a little time-saving tip for all your road-trip preparation…
Take your vehicle to your local Walmart for your oil change. While the pros put some much-needed Pennzoil in, you can shop for all the other things you may need for your vacation.

Now through September 9th, Pennzoil oil changes will be on Rollback. I paid $35.88 for my High Milage change compared to my normal $39.88. (Getting it changed elsewhere typically costs $46.) More money in my pocket means more road trip souvenirs!

Where are you heading this summer? Is your vehicle road ready?

Summer Ice Cream Chalkboard Print

I have a dear friend who saw my previous chalkboard print and asked if I would make one for her with this ice cream quote.


I may have shed a few tears while designing this. Not because it was hard to create, but because this quote was from my friend's brother who had just passed away in a tragic car accident. He was a great reminder to not only his family, but all those he met that there is joy to be found in life. Even in a simple scoop of ice cream.

Click HERE for a free 5x7 jpg of this print and you too can be reminded daily of the miraculous powers of ice cream!