Top Picks for the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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They say that December is the most wonderful time of the year, but my happy time is during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

It may seem early, but July is when I plan my fall wardrobe. Its when all the new styles come out full of mustard yellows and olive greens. And the layers? Heavenly.

From basics to extras, I'm sharing my top pics of what I love from this year's sale, available for purchase July 20 - August 5. (Cardmembers have early access from July 12-19.)


Everyone needs a good pair of flattering jeans. These are a couple of cropped standouts that move from summer to fall when paired with booties.

J.Crew Billie Demi Boot Crop Jeans (Redwood Wash) - $82.90 (after sale, $125)

BLANKNYC The Madison Straight Leg Crop Jeans (Friend Zoned) - $58.90 (after sale, $88)


Fall calls for plush fabrics, richer colors, and midi length skirts. Below are a couple of my favorites, both from Halogen.

Halogen Tweed Midi Skirt (regular & petite) - $58.90 (after sale, $89)

Halogen Pleat Detail Midi Skirt (Green Painted Rose, regular & petite) - $45.90 (after sale, $69)


Something about blazers reminds me of college. They look "smart" without being pretentious.

Chelsea28 Double Breasted Corduroy Blazer (Rust Ginger) - $65.90 (after sale, $99)

J.Crew Dover Blazer (Navy) - $131.90 (after sale, $198)


I think shoes are my favorite since my size doesn't really change. Chunky heels and booties are my weakness for fall.

Louise et Cie Jayant Pump - $79.90 (after sale, $119.95)

Vince Camuto Kentvi Sandal - $99.90 (after sale, $149.95)


The richness of leather and suede draw me into fall. Here are my two favorite bags from the sale.

Treasure & Bond Remy Pebbled Leather Backpack (Burgundy Fig) - $132.90 (after sale, $199)

rag & bone Suede & Leather Circle Crossbody Bag - $259.90 (after sale, $395)


Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is when I've picked up all my makeup brushes and sets. Companies put together exclusive collections just for this sale.

M•A•C Basic Brush Kit - $52.50 ($172 value)

Trish McEvoy The Power of Makeup Planner Collection (Sunlit Glamour) - $225 ($585.50 value)

Anything on this list you HAVE to have? What's missing from your closet for fall?

My Favorite Finds for Frames

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I was blessed with some crazy, allergy-ridden eyes. I can't wear contacts without my eyes throwing a fit, so I have a few pairs of glasses. I'm always on the hunt for inexpensive, but super cute frames, so I decided to branch out from my regular optics shop and try out Warby Parker's Home Try-On program.

The concept is simple. Visit their site and select five different frames you'd like to try on. They ship them to you and you have five days to decide if you love any of them before you return them in the same postage-paid box they arrived in. If you can't live without a pair, just order the same pair from their website. Here are three of the five I chose.


This pair is the Laurel in Peacock Green. I LOVED the color with my current red hair, but I feel like they're too round for my already round face. Maybe if the eye opening were larger, they would have worked. If you're wondering which frames look best for your face type, go with the opposite shape in the frame as the shape of your face is. My face is long, but also round, so I tend to go for more square or rectangular frames.


This was probably my favorite pair of the five. This is the Ames in Whiskey Tortoise. See how the wide browline helps balance out my cheeks?


This pair is the Louise in Elderflower Crystal. The size was borderline too small, but still worked. I thought I'd try these since most of my frames are pretty bold. After seeing them on, I realize I like to draw attention to my glasses. These were just too simple.

After my five days of trying on were over, I decided to stick with my favorite way of getting quality glasses inexpensively.

Here's my trick. Are you ready?

Nordstrom sells reading glasses starting at $38! "That's nice, Jill, but I need a prescription stronger than that!" Don't fret, my pet. Here's the secret...

You can purchase whatever frames you like and take them to your optometrist. Just ask him to put your current prescription in said frames and voila! Affordable, trendy glasses. My vision insurance pays for a new pair of glasses each year, so I only have to pay for my frames.


This is my current favorite pair: The Brooklyn from Bobbi Brown. They don't have this color anymore, but they do have a lot of other options. Another favorite brand of mine is Corinne McCormack. If any of you remember my leopard-print frames, they're from her!

I love ordering from Nordstrom because if they arrive and you just don't like how they look on you, just send them back or return them to any Nordstrom store. Easy peasy! Also, watch for sales. Every so often, they'll have their reading glasses on sale two for $88. I wait and buy my frames then. I'm all about a bargain!

Be warned, not every optometrist will do this for you. Also, they can't fit every frame. The more curved the glass would have to be, the more difficult it is to create. Basically, try to choose a more straight frame and you'll have a better chance of getting your glasses!

Would you consider an alternative source for your frames?

Utah Fashion Week — Swimsuit Edition

When I think of Utah, I don't think "swimwear design." I figure most of those designers live in coastal areas, not mountain ranges. I was proven wrong at Utah Fashion Week when I attended the runway show of nine swimwear designers. I found some trends to look for in your own Summer looks!



feminine details

Ruffles add a ladylike detail to the simplest of swimsuits. They add volume in places that are lacking, so if you want to balance out your body to create an hourglass figure, wear ruffles on the smaller part to even out the larger part.

Horizontal ruching is my favorite secret for my post-mommy body. All those little little gathers hide a multitude of flaws. It's difficult to discern what is the fabric and what is a little extra chub.

Vertical ruching adds volume, particularly around the bust.

Peplums are a beautiful retro-inspired look that can add volume or hide flaws. Be careful on the placement. They're best for those without hips who want to balance out wider shoulders.

These sweet ruffles add just the right amount of femininity to add interest to the bottom with a more detailed top.


To show a little sex appeal without showing everything, consider sheer panels. They leave something to the imagination.

Cutouts show a little more, but still maintain modesty. You can choose to show a little or a lot of skin, depending on your mood.

If cutouts aren't your thing, try a deep, open neck kept together with laced ties. The same can be done on the sides or conceal a cutout with latticework.

Mixed Prints

By far, the most popular trend is mixed prints, particularly flowers and stripes. This combo isn't new, but some took it to a new level by adding ruffles, scallops, or using stripes of varying widths.

A couple suits broke the floral trend with geometric prints and polka dots.


Crochet, whether it's a main focus or a small detail, brings a vintage vibe to modern styles.


For an old-school Americana suit, look for a lower leg opening, higher waistbands, and a pointed cut to the cups. Red, white, and navy make these suits even more patriotic.

Bold Color

Don't be afraid of color! Take it back to '60s citron or '80s neon.

bright white

If you want an expensive look, go with white. It makes any swimsuit more formal.

What's your favorite Summer swimsuit trend? Which of these suits would you pick for your next vacation?