Pallet Arrow Wall Decor

I've been meaning to jump on the reclaimed pallet wood bandwagon for a while now, but haven't known which project to make. When I saw these wood arrows from Cherished Bliss, I knew that was the project for me. So I pulled out my pallets from storage and got to work to decorate a neglected wall in my bedroom.

This project is simple and quick. Once your pallet is taken apart, you can have three decorated arrows in a little over an hour!

Supply List

Measure the pallet wood to your desired width. Mine are 15 inches, but yours may be larger or smaller, depending on where you'll hang them. Adjust your miter saw to cut at a 45-degree angle. Cut 12 pieces at your desired width.


    Decide which side of the boards will face up. Some pallets are rougher than others. Because we're gluing paper to the surface, choose the smoothest side.

    Cut your decorative paper to cover the size of your boards. With your foam brush, spread Mod Podge across the top of each board, covering them with the paper. Press down and smooth out any bubbles.

    With a sander or sandpaper block, sand the edges of the board, separating the paper from the wood. Lightly sand the top of the board, distressing it as much or as little as you like.

    Once all of your boards are distressed, turn them over and line them up, forming an arrow shape. Screw in mending plates with a drill and #6 screws. Repeat this where each board meets.

    Add a sawtooth hanger to each arrow. If hanging them as I did, place at the top center. Turn over to double-check that everything is lined up. Then hang them up, spacing them out a few inches apart.

    I hung mine between the blank space above my desk. They fit perfectly between the window and the wall. Maybe I'll look up more often when I'm working. Where would you put these arrows in your home? Do you have a pallet that's waiting to be transformed?

    For 6 more ideas on repurposing a pallet, check out this post at Hazel & Ruby!

    Bistro Board — Dry Erase Dinner Menu

    I'm pretty sure the first question I'm asked when my kids walk through the door after school is "What's for dinner?" Instead of answering the question for each child 500 times, I decided to create a dry erase board to display the evening meal.

    I created the image on in Pixelmator using elements from PicMonkey. I was going for a French theme and La Maison Bistro translates to The Home Bistro. Perfect for my little kitchen cafe. I knew I wanted it to be dry erase friendly, so I uploaded the image to one of my favorite sites — Tiny Prints.

    They offer a product called Glossy Easel Art that I absolutely adore. It's such good quality and the colors are brilliant. You can upload any 8x10 or 5x7 image and it will come to you as a dry erase print.


    Once I figure out what I'm making for dinner, I grab a dry erase marker and write the meal on the board. No more answering questions about what's for dinner!

    Want to order your own menu board? Click on the image below to download the jpg, then head over to Tiny Prints to upload it and order your own glossy easel print.

    Bon appetit!

    Say Hi First

    Back in the day, I was shy. Wallflower shy. Guaranteed I would never say hello to you first shy. The reason? I was afraid if I said hello first, they'd think I was a big loser and trying too hard and would want nothing to do with me. I waited for everyone to speak first so I knew they actually took interest in me.

    Doesn't it sound absurd? Turns out the entire time I was trying to make friends by not speaking to them, people avoided me because they thought I was a snob. My strategy failed! Too bad I was in my 20s before I figured it out.

    I wonder how many opportunities I missed and friends I could have made when all I had to do was say hello. Not that every person I spoke to would have turned into a best friend, but it's such a simple thing, why not try?

    So here I am, 15 years after the fact, using this blog to say hello. I'm reaching out to you and I want you to do the same. Say hello to someone. It could be a stranger, it could be an acquaintance you've had for years, it doesn't matter who it is. Just say hi.

    Bravery doesn't go unrewarded. I said hi to a couple ladies at Craft Lake City who own an insanely creative company called Salty Bison. I mean, come on. The name alone is phenomenal.

    I'd been eyeing Devenie & Shawna's work for a couple years, so I was excited to actually meet them. They're as lovely and fun as the art they produce and I'm so glad I was brave and spoke up.


    Isn't this the sweetest little sign you ever did see? I kind of love it. This 7.5" x 9.75" wooden piece is the perfect size to hang next to your door. Every time you step outside, it will serve as a visual reminder to speak up and say hello.