Everyday Makeup Tutorial

If you're like me, my morning routine doesn't always involve makeup. But when it does, I want to look amazing! Younique sent me some fantastic products that I've been able to easily incorporate into my everyday makeup look. I can't wait to share my tips and these products with you!

I started with Younique's Moonstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 1. Because I have brown hair and blue eyes, I gravitated to the warm neutrals. Palette 2 is cooler with grays and silver while Palette 3 uses shades of pink and purple. You can use any of these to create your own look based on your favorite color combinations.

Once you've chosen your palette, it's time to work on your canvas. Applying makeup is a lot like creating art using highlights, shadows, and gradients. Follow the same rules as you would creating dimension in a painting. Use lighter colors on the parts of your face that are prominent — the brow bone, center of the nose, and chin.  Use darker colors to contour and create depth — the crease of your eye, under the cheekbones, and in the crease above your chin.

younique close up.JPG

My final tip has to do with lips and cheeks. To get more bang for your buck, consider using Younique's Stiff Upper Lip Stain on your cheeks. Since I'm so pale, I used the color Shy, but if you're tanner, consider other colors. Just make sure you use it sparingly and blend like crazy into the apples of your cheeks. It creates a natural, flushed glow that lasts all day.

To see me apply the entire makeup look, watch this YouTube video of the process!

What does your makeup routine look like? Could it be amped up with a new product from Younique?

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4 Ways To Incorporate Coral In Your Summer Looks

If you knew me in college, you would often see me in the brightest colored clothes, super sparkly eyeshadow, plastic shoes, and my big plastic beaded jewelry. I don't know what possessed me to dress like a pre-teen from the '80s. I like to think I've matured in my sense of style and makeup, but I still have a love for color. I've learned that it's all about balance. If I have a neutral outfit, I like to wear a pair of bright colored heels with it during Spring/Summer. I can get a little pop of color without looking like a psycho. This rule applies with makeup too. For a few years now, coral has been the trendy color for Spring and Summer and I've been obsessed with it. Now there are a range of colors that can be considered "coral-y." It can range from light pinkish-orange to more of a slight reddish pink. I view coral as being a light pinky orange shade. Here are 4 ways to incorporate the color coral in your beauty life!


One way to rock the coral is on your fab fingers. I picked up Essie's Sunday Funday polish a few weeks ago and I've worn it many times since. I dotted some cute white polka dots using the head of a bobby pin and it added a playful vibe to my nails.

Now these next three ways are all on your face. If you do it right you can work the coral without looking like a clown. Maybe I look like one anyway, but I just love wearing color!


I tried out Maybelline's Coral Oasis eyeshadow quad and fell in love with it. It had four perfect shades that complement each other. The lighting in the pictures seems to wash out the coral shade a little bit but believe me, the coral shade is gorgeous in person! Be sure to blend, blend, blend out that eyeshadow to prevent harsh looking lines! To keep the focus on my eyes, I winged out my liner, threw on my Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, contoured my face with my Younique bronzer in Hermosa and wore a light coral lip color from Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in the shade, Juicy Papaya.  


I love a good blush, but sometimes certain colors can be too harsh on certain skin tones. Milani's Coral Cove Rose Blush does the trick of adding a beautiful flush of color to those cheekbones. This one'll work on any skin tone.



Wearing bold lip colors can feel empowering, seductive, and powerful, but it all has to do with the shade and application. I've grown a little coral lip collection and they're just so delightful for Spring and Summer!


Left-Right: Bare Minerals – Go The Distance, MAC – See Sheer, Younique – Ladylike, Revlon – Juicy Papaya, Maybelline – Coral Crush

So with this look I went a little light with the color on the eyes and just placed that coral shade from the Maybelline Oasis quad on my lower lash line, a slightly thicker winged eyeliner, and my 3D lash mascara.  Contoured with the Younique bronzer and the Milani Coral Cove blush. Then I let my lips steal the show — Bare Minerals lip liner in Energized, Maybelline Coral Crush lipstick, then a dab of Younique's lucrative lip gloss in Ladylike for some extra glam.

I really hope you enjoyed this post on the wonders of the color coral in the beauty world and hope you gals venture out of your comfort zone of pinks and reds and try this beautiful color out for yourself!

Do you own any coral in your wardrobe or makeup stash?


Simple Steps to Look Younger

Folks, I'm no spring chicken. I have a few years under my belt and it's showing on my face. (Laugh lines are anything but humorous.) I may not be able to reverse the signs of aging, but I can prevent it from getting worse and look good in the process. Here are a few things I've been doing to stay looking young.

Drink Water

Water is everything to your skin. In fact, it's made up of over 60% water. If you're not well hydrated, your skin will show it. You'll look dry, wrinkled, and tired. Water helps plump up the tissue under your skin, which smooths out wrinkles and fine lines.

Worried you're dehydrated? Pinch the skin on the back of your hand. If it doesn't flatten out immediately, you should be drinking more water. 

Topical Vitamins

Eating a good diet will definitely give your skin a youthful glow, but it can't do everything. Your body only delivers a certain percentage of vitamins to your skin. To make sure you're getting the right vitamins to the right places, apply topical creams, oils, and lotions. Want to lighten age spots? Try a cream containing vitamin C. Reduce wrinkles? Look for products containing retinoids derived from vitamin A.

Less Makeup

It seems like strange advice to wear less makeup to look younger, but there's good reason. Heavy makeup settles into lines and creases, making wrinkles look even deeper than they already are. If you walk out of your house looking like, as my mother would say, a "painted lady," the natural glow of your skin won't show through. Dull skin is old skin, so don't cover up the hydration you've worked so hard to achieve.

Sun Protection

The sun is not your skin's friend. Yes, it's warm and creates vitamin D and beautiful tans. But it also gives you wrinkles, sagging skin, discoloration, and cancer. Be smart when you go outside, even if it's cloudy. Apply sunscreen on any exposed skin, including your neck and hands. Wear a fabulous wide-brimmed hat for even more coverage. And never forget sunglasses. Squinting leads to wrinkles!


Instant Gratification

Sometimes you just need a little boost of confidence when you look in the mirror. It's possible to fake out your own reflection with products like Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum. Within three minutes, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness and lasts all day. I mix mine with a little foundation, but you can use it alone too.

The image below is unedited. No filters. No retouching. Can you tell which eye I used the serum under? Isn't that amazing?! You smooth a couple of drops from the inner corner of your eye out, wait three minutes without laughing or smiling, and boom. Magic.

Take pics of your own before and after to post on social media using the hashtag #InstantRetouchWithSuddenChange.

You can find Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum at CVS, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, ULTA, Walgreens, and Walmart. I found it for less than $10 at my local Walmart. Cheaper than fillers! But if you'd rather win some, Sudden Change is giving away three $100 gift cards to retailers that carry their product! Clean out your beauty bag and fill it with new makeup and beauty essentials. Enter HERE but hurry! You only have until May 1, 2015 to win.

To learn more about the Sudden Change brand, visit them on the web at www.suddenchange.com and LIKE the brand on Facebook

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a package of Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.