The Magic of Lip Liner

I was in high school and college in the '90s when lip liner was a must. Lip liner around the outisde and a lighter gloss to fill it in. (Why I thought that looked good I will never know!) Once I grew out of that phase, I banished lip liner from my makeup bag. Years later, now that I'm a little older wiser, I realize that lip liner is a pretty magical tool.


Lip liner is the best way I have found to maximize the color of my lipstick. Filling in your lips with liner that matches a lipstick is typical, but using a liner that DOESN'T match can give you a whole new color of lipstick.


Here are three different colors of lip liner on my hand. I chose these three, all from MAC Cosmetics, to go under MAC Red lipstick.

  1. Half-Red
  2. Brick
  3. Cherry

Each of these liners will create a different look with just one lipstick. Most colors tend to turn pink on my lips, especially if I use a lipstick without liner. So in order to get a true red, I HAVE to use a lip liner.


Check out the pinkness of the lipstick alone on my hand.

Here are the three liners with MAC Red on top. (The bottom is the lipstick by itself.)

Half-Red creates a mauve red, Brick makes the deepest red of the three, and Cherry produces the truest red. Since I wanted to stay true to the red of the lipstick, I chose the Cherry lipliner for my lips.


I didn't intend to be looking at my logo, it just worked out that way. Pretty authentic red, right? Don't be afraid of a little liner. Instead, use it to your advantage! Does this change your mind about lip liner or is it still on your naughty list?