Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Checklist Download

A huge thanks to Acorn for sponsoring this #SmellsClean post and providing the fabulous air care. They keep my home smelling so fresh and so clean, clean!

It's that time of year again. Time to open the windows and change out the stale Winter air for the fresh scent of Spring. But just airing out my home isn't going to be enough after months of neglecting the dust bunnies, so I created a printable Spring Cleaning Checklist to motivate me.

Each job is organized by the time it should take to accomplish. That way if you only have 15 minutes to tackle a task, you can check that column for a quick job. When you have a free morning, choose something from the 1+ hours list like waxing your floors or cleaning the inside of your refrigerator.

To reward myself, use my new Spring scents. (You can find them in the air care aisle at Wal-Mart.) Now every time I finish a task, I light a candle or plug in my wax warmer. It's a way to have my home smell even cleaner than it looks!

To download and print a copy for yourself, click HERE or on the image below. Hopefully this checklist will keep you from getting overwhelmed with cleaning your entire home for Spring. Just take it one job at a time!