Utah Fashion Week — Swimsuit Edition

When I think of Utah, I don't think "swimwear design." I figure most of those designers live in coastal areas, not mountain ranges. I was proven wrong at Utah Fashion Week when I attended the runway show of nine swimwear designers. I found some trends to look for in your own Summer looks!



feminine details

Ruffles add a ladylike detail to the simplest of swimsuits. They add volume in places that are lacking, so if you want to balance out your body to create an hourglass figure, wear ruffles on the smaller part to even out the larger part.

Horizontal ruching is my favorite secret for my post-mommy body. All those little little gathers hide a multitude of flaws. It's difficult to discern what is the fabric and what is a little extra chub.

Vertical ruching adds volume, particularly around the bust.

Peplums are a beautiful retro-inspired look that can add volume or hide flaws. Be careful on the placement. They're best for those without hips who want to balance out wider shoulders.

These sweet ruffles add just the right amount of femininity to add interest to the bottom with a more detailed top.


To show a little sex appeal without showing everything, consider sheer panels. They leave something to the imagination.

Cutouts show a little more, but still maintain modesty. You can choose to show a little or a lot of skin, depending on your mood.

If cutouts aren't your thing, try a deep, open neck kept together with laced ties. The same can be done on the sides or conceal a cutout with latticework.

Mixed Prints

By far, the most popular trend is mixed prints, particularly flowers and stripes. This combo isn't new, but some took it to a new level by adding ruffles, scallops, or using stripes of varying widths.

A couple suits broke the floral trend with geometric prints and polka dots.


Crochet, whether it's a main focus or a small detail, brings a vintage vibe to modern styles.


For an old-school Americana suit, look for a lower leg opening, higher waistbands, and a pointed cut to the cups. Red, white, and navy make these suits even more patriotic.

Bold Color

Don't be afraid of color! Take it back to '60s citron or '80s neon.

bright white

If you want an expensive look, go with white. It makes any swimsuit more formal.

What's your favorite Summer swimsuit trend? Which of these suits would you pick for your next vacation?