Warm Fuzzies

A few years ago we taught the children in our church about service. We purchased huge packages of chenille pom-poms and a glass jar. These pom-poms symbolized the "warm fuzzies" we get when we serve. Each child had a chance, week after week, to perform acts of service. For each act, they put a pom-pom in the jar. The goal was to have the jar filled with warm fuzzies by the end of the year.

Image via  Martha Stewart

Image via Martha Stewart

It was beyond motivational for me to hear these kids share their experiences with service. One thing I noticed was they weren't always huge acts. One child picked up their classmate's pencil when it rolled off their desk. Another saw a weed in their neighbor's yard and pulled it for them. Sweet and simple.

I need to serve like these children served. To seek for opportunities to lighten someone's load. If someone drops something in a store, help pick it up. See a weed in a neighbor's yard flowerbed? Go ahead and pull it. Not every experience needs to be huge to have an effect. My father once said, "Sometime's you won't know until after this life how you've affected someone's life for good."

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